Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Days

We had such a great day yesterday. We headed out to Marion, Ky to visit with the Amish community there. On the way we stopped by our families cemetery and changed out flowers. It was nice to be up there.

Once we got to Marion we went by the tourism center and got a map. Ate lunch at 88 Dip...a local favorite that has been serving the best burgers for over 50 years....and then got settled in the car for the ride to visit the Amish.

Once there we went in to Yoder's Bakery...where Miller got cookies and fudge and Madison checked out their sodas. Yes Amish drink sodas. I picked up some breads and then went over to the Creekside produce. I picked me up some squash as my garden didnt make much this year. I also picked up some onions...they were so cheap and I can cut them up and freeze them.
We walked from house to house watching them. It was laundry day....clothes everywhere. we picked flowers and laughed and chased Miller out of their yards...it was a nice, beautiful lazy summer day. Us and the world.

The Amish have such a simple life and I envy that. I told Madison I wish I could live it for only a week. They are such simple quiet people.

As we left we headed to the local Dairy Queen for sundaes and came home. A simple day....spent with the kids watching someones elses life while enjoying ours at the same time.
A great summer day we wont forget.

Today.............the rain has been falling and it doesnt look like a pool day...so we are headed to a local pottery shop to paint. Maybe some dessert on the way home.
This week is filled with great adventures for the kids and I. Summer break is coming to an end and I want to fill them with great times.
Enjoy your day friends!


Becky said...

I love the Amish life. I would like to live it for a year I think. To get the full affect of all four seasons, the farming, the canning, the planting in the spring.

I went to the Amish area in Indiana a few years ago and loved seeing the homes with the neat gardens and colorful quilts hanging on the line. The barefoot children yelling at each other in playful German. A simple life indeed. It has an allure for certain.

Karen said...

I often wish I could live the Amish life, at least for a while. I loved our trip to Lancaster, PA, a few weeks ago. Seeing the laundry hung out on the clotheslines was one of my favorite things. And the little boys in their overalls and straw hats. So sweet.

Sandra said...

I love the Amish too, I yearn for that simple life that they have, though if it were me I think I would want to live it more than just a week LOL

Sounds like an amazing day, wish you had gotten some pics to show us :)

Rona's Home Page said...

There's something to be said about having a simple life.

Tina Leigh said...

Jen were you allowed to take pictures & did you take any? I would just love to take a trip there. If you were able to take pictures please post them somewhere so I can see them. Here or FB...I am very interested in this. Hope yall have a good day.

Sarah said...

I read all the books by Beverly Lewis, and long for the simplistic times. I'd love to live it for, say, a week or so, because I think that is all I can handle in the heat of the summer! :)

Responding to your beans question...I had two laundry soap buckets filled with beans and I got 14 quarts, but I probably had more like 17 to 18 due to what I gave away and ate. I like to can some for tator tot hotdish. I used to can them all, but I'm freezing a bunch this year to preserve the nutrients better...(I hope!)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a wonderful day!! And yummy too :)

I visited an Amish farm a few weeks ago to buy some flour, etc. It was amazing! I thanked God for my washing machine (and truck!) for a few miles after we left!