Thursday, April 02, 2009


What a long day yesterday! Sit down and grab some coffee. Let's talk. My day began with running late getting ready for my nail appointment. Getting Miller to cooperate in the morning is almost impossible. He likes to awake and take his time getting ready....this means eating breakfast in the living room while watching Franklin. We left the house late. I dropped Miller off at momma's and took off. After my nail appointment....I ran a few errands.
Today was going to be such a busy and long day. See at 11am yesterday me and my friend Fran were meeting to go see an old friend who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. (about 3 yrs ago). He has less than 2 weeks to live. I had such tightness in my stomach as we got closer to the house.
When we walked in his wife and mother hugged us...which made me feel better. We talked a few minutes and went into the main living room to see him.
I wont go into detail on what went on....this is private to us. But I will tell you they made me and Fran feel very comfortable. Their grace at this time for any company was just beautiful. we talked with our friend and he smiled and laughed a little. I took some old photos for the family to have and he looked at them for awhile.
As we left that morning....we both had some closure to this. We both feel so awful for his mother and his wife. Life can be so unfair at times. He has a daughter. Why? Why would this happen.

So Fran and I went to eat lunch and talk. We talked about the past. We talked about the present. Seeing her is always so good. We laughed and we enjoyed each other. Old friends are nice. Nice to remember and nice to see.

Later that afternoon..another friend of mine had a baby so I headed to the hospital to see her and the new baby..(who I held and loved on).
In one day I told one friend goodbye...watching him leave this life that he once loved so much. While I welcomed a new life into the world. What are the odds? As I left the hospital I felt so blessed to have had both in my day. I felt happy and sad all in one. It was a good feeling.
Life isnt all what we expect it to be. And we wont always be happy...we will have sadness and disappointments...but I truly believe that is what makes us who we are.

I then went and picked up Miller and went home. We played in the yard until the sun went down. I think I learned yesterday that you never know when life can be taken away from you need to embrace it. And you need to be happy. And you need to with all your heart.


Barb said...

I never makes any sense when some dies too young, especially leaving behind a daughter. I'm so sorry for your friend and his family.

Somehow, the new baby softens a blow like this, doesn't it? It really does remind us that life can be taken away at any moment and we must cherish the people we love as if this were our last day with them.

Trailboss said...

Very well said Jen. You are correct in every way. I am so sorry for your friend and his family. There are so many things that we will never understand until The Man tells us.

Karen said...

This is a beautiful post, Jen. Thank you for sharing. We all need to be reminded how fleeting life can be. And to embrace the people we love. Always. You were truly blessed to be able to see your friend, and I'm sure it meant a lot to his family.
And a new life! That's something to celebrate.

Dee said...

oh! thanks for the tears! isn't it so eye opening when the cycle of life is so obviously played out right in front of us?

so sorry for your friend and his is so unfair. thank you for the reminder of how fragile life really is!

Tina Leigh said...

OK I'm Balling now! What a Life Journey you went on yesterday! Yes life & death in the same day can take it's toll BUT it does give hope. I need "Hope" everyday so I can get through. Thanks for sharing with us Jen. Love ya.

Sarah said...

Love your perspective on this and you offer some great insight. Very, very true words. Days like you had often are put there to offer perspective in our crazy, weird world, don't you think?

Hope you have a great night, and feel surrounded with the love of your family.

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Thank God you have a friend like Fran to talk with.

Congratulations to your friend and her new baby.

Yes life has a way of being so weird at times, but I guess that's just life.