Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keepin up

It's been over a week. I feel better. Alot is going on. As most of you know our dear friend Brad past away last Friday. The services are this weekend. Old Friends will make their way into town today and tomorrow and pay respect to a wonderful guy....a guy who loved his family and loved life. Thank you all for the prayers....the family will need them.

Our lives have been so busy this month I just cannot believe April is almost over. Our cabinets are being the kitchen and will be finished tomorrow. I will post pictures next week. A long process. But the results were worth it.
Miller and I have been outside quite a bit with the great weather. He has been trying to come out of naps but is sleeping right now....I have been trying to spring clean...trying with a 3 year old not napping has been challenging.

Our Spring break was great...short but great..I have been making plans for Disney in October and love every minute of it.

I'm ready for next week so I can take on some new projects around the house. I'm wanting to paint a piece of furniture in the living room and antique it. So....wish me luck.

I'm sitting at the dining room table as I type this with a glass of lemonade listening to the birds chirp. Life is really good. We all have minor things going on....if you and your family are healthy then you dont have much to complain about. The journey we are on can end any moment. Savor it....look around you at all of your blessings. Smile.....

Tonight I'm going wine tasting with a good friend....we always enjoy this. She and I are new friends learning about each other. One thing we both love is wine....

I hope each of you are having a nice week with great temps....this weekend we will be attending the funeral....and spending some time with old friends....Madison has a friend staying the night Friday night and working in the veggie garden sometime.


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Tina Leigh said...

Well I am just jealous of this new friend! I hope yall had a great time. Life is full! Love ya!