Monday, October 20, 2008

Mondays daybook

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For Today...October 20th

Outside my's a chilly fall morning. The sun is rising slowly....

From the learning rooms...Miller loves to paint so we are working on colors this week by using our paints.

From the kitchen this week...beef pot pie and Mexican casserole..grilled chicken,Salmon patties, these are just a few items on our menu this week.

I am wearing...purple sweat shirt and shorts

I am reading...fall magazines

I am get some new dress pants for Miller today....he has only one pair that fits.

I am creating...Christmas lists....yes....I'm trying to get my notebook for the holidays in order as well this week.

I am doors across the street as people are taking thier elementary children to school.

Around the house...laundry needs to be folded and put away. I need to dust all furniture and mop floors this week and get bathrooms in order

One of my favorite things...hayrides and pumpkin patches

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...gymnastics (by the way she got her back hand spring down on the floor finally) going to the pumpkin patch again tonight (our familys bank is sponsering a cook off and hayride) my sister comes home for a week today so some running around with her....lunch with a friend, a trip to the library, dinner with Madison and her best friend and her mother friday night and then taking the girls to see a play (high school musical) then over the weekend...Madison has a birthday party to attend....a halloween party at the club for both kids....and church. I'm exhauseted now.

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing.....

me and Scott out with some friends for dinner.


Christy said...

you are so cute! I love seeing your picture-it puts a face to your words :)

Have fun tonight!

Karen said...

CUTE picture! You're such a great couple.

Barb said...

Shorts? I guess I forget that it's actually still warm in some parts of our country. Certainly not here! LOL

I love the blouse you're wearing in that photo - beautiful.

Sandra said...

I love the photo, you guys are adorable.

You know I have mexican casserole for dinner tonight LOL

Susanne said...

What a nice pic of you and your hubby!

Tina Leigh said...

Oh my goodness Jen....look at that tan!!! I am sooooooo jealous!!
I love hayrides and pumpkins! Oh I forgot to tell you the other day that I got some of the Carmel Apple creamer...its OK...a little too sweet for me. I enjoyed your daybook.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

What an awesome pic of you guys! Sounds like another incredibly busy week for you guys, hope it's a great one :)

P.S. I can't believe you're doing Christmas stuff already! I won't be able to start till the first of December, boo-hoo :(

gail@more than a song said...

Cute picture of you two!
We took the grandbabies to the pumpkin patch this weekend, hayride and pumpkins, fun fun!

Chronicles of Teresa said...

hey what elementary school do you guys live across the street from? I miss elementary school....seems like after 5th grade my life fell apart (mom died when I was in 5th grade) after 5th grade...I kinda stopped caring about EVERYTHING...