Friday, October 24, 2008


What a wild past couple of days we have had. My girlfriend who is pregnant....was taken by ambulance to Nashville (Vanderbilt University) with preeclampsa. She had been on bed rest for a week so far. Yesterday morning she called to tell me she had HELLP Syndrome. My mother had this with me. A very serious disease. She is only 32 weeks along. The baby was born last night at 8pm.....and was breathing on his own....and lungs were strong. Momma was doing well also.....I have been on my knees praying for almost 2 days now. The same for my church and close we are headed down to Nashville this weekend. Praise God.

Madison has been sick. She did make it to her reward day at school and even felt well enough for church that night. But came home with a high high fever...103.8. So we headed off to the Dr. yesterday morning to be told she had a sinus infection. Another anti biotic and cold medicine she is on. Tonight we have the debut of High School Musical at a local performing arts theater...some of her friends are in it so we are doing dinner at her favorite restaurant and the play. Fingers crossed she feels up to have already been purchased.

Tomorrow she has a birthday party at the local Cinemark to see the opening of High School Musical 3. Hoping she feels up to it.

We had the tile in my kitchen re done also yesterday as some of it was starting to crumble. So on top of everything else in our lives going on I had 3 men in my kitchen working.

Today Miller and i are hanging out. I dont want to go anywhere. I just want to some laundry.....and maybe clean out my closet and go through summer clothes in the kids room and switch out for fall/winter. I'm tired. But I'm so glad my dear friend pulled through and her baby boy is doing well. She has prayed for this baby for 3 years....this is their first.
So say a prayer if you can that the baby continues to get stronger and my dear friend does as well.

Have a good weekend. I will try to get around to some blogs today. It's just been crazy around here in the last 2 days.


Trailboss said...

I am so glad to hear that your friend is doing ok. Vanderbilt is a great place and not far from us at all. That is where I went to see the cancer specialist, Dr Zic.

Have a great weekend and be careful on the way to Nashville.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Jen, thank you for stopping by. I see you won Sandy's giveaway...hope that chocolate was good. Your family is so sweet, I saw your beach pics.

Chappyswife said...

Jen, I am so glad your friend and her baby boy are doing good. I said a prayer for them.

I bet you are tired with so much going on. Enjoy your day at home with Miller, and I hope Madison continues to improve. At least now you know what you are dealing with.

Happy Weekend to you!

KrisinTN said...

I'm glad to hear that your friend & the new baby are doing well. I will say a special prayer for her.

Although I love Fall, I hate that we usually get sick during this season. I hope that Madison gets better soon!

PAT said...

You must be worn out! I am glad to hear your friend's baby is doing okay.

My oldest daughter was born at Vanderbilt U. 44 years ago, last month. At that time, I had a private room with a shared bath. I was in hospital 6 days, because I had a minor problem and Terrie refused to eat..but all worked out well. We had no insurance, what so ever! Just out of the military, we had moved to Nashville, where my husband had employment. The bill for that hospital stay and delivery was just over $600. Isn't that amazing?:-)

Have a restful and wonderful weekend.

Karen said...

You've had a lot on your plate. I hope that Madison is on the mend and doesn't have to miss all of the fun that is planned! I'm so glad to hear your friend and baby are doing well. After all they've gone through, this baby will be an extra special gift. Have a good weekend. Hope it's uneventful!

Christy said...

your poor friend!!

Have fun and be careful!

Christina said...

I will pray for your friend and am glad to hear her and her baby boy are doing well and I pray they will continue to do well.

I hope Madison is getting better especially with all the fun things you have planned.

Tina Leigh said...

I'm catching up....yes your friend and baby sound like they have had a ruff go...4 pounds and 5 oz is good! That is what Package was when she was born. She was a premi but as you can see has done well. That mama must have been so scared....I can not imagine. God is good.....dont it make you feel good when you go to the Throne Room broken hearted and then see how God was really listening.....makes you feel like He did it just cause you asked Him...and He loves that little baby and her mama more than you! That is a hard thing grasp sometimes.