Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Chat

Today I'm still cleaning. I did bathrooms yesterday and laid in the sun. NICE. It was just 70 degrees and perfect. Today though I have floors to clean and laundry to finish. I'm feeling alot better. Miller is still coughing though. He is on a steroid, zrytek and singulair...so hopefully he clears up soon. They had him on Albuterol too but I couldn't handle him jumping on walls....lol. I just hope he stops coughing... I go get my hair done tomorrow and need to run some errands. Miller will be with momma. He played outside yesterday and we have the trampoline put together and he loves it. Last night when we put him in bed...he was sleep talking....he said...lets jump one more time da da...so cute.
I'm making Barb's Briskett today.....yum yum.
I hope you all have a great day.


Trailboss said...

I popped over to look at brisket recipe and yum yum. I am printing it now!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Glad you are starting to feel better and hope Miller gets a lot better soon. You poor things, no fun being sick when it's pretty weather outside and so much going on.

I have to do bathrooms and lots of laundry today, boo-hoo. That brisket sounds so good, I bet it will be awesome :)

Have a great day and week, Jen :)

The Domesticator said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better....hope Miller is, too!

Allergies are tough. My son is on the same meds your son is, plus a nasal spray. This time of year is always hard for him, not to mention his asthma on top of it all!

~Take Care!!! ;-)

Barb said...

I can't wait to hear how you and your family likes the barbecued beef brisket, Jen. It's a big hit around here.

Glad everyone is starting to feel better.

Maybe the little sock monkey I'm putting in the mail tomorrow, to Miller, will perk him up. I don't think it will make him bounce off the walls, but I'll bet it makes him smile. :-)

Karen said...

Dang, I carried two baskets full oflaundry downstairs today and haven't even started one of them. Out of sight out of mind. I need a laundry room on the main floor where I won't forget about it!

Glad you're feeling better. Too cute about Miller "talking in his sleep". It's fun to see kids get sooo excited about something. Too bad we lose that as we get older.

Kelli said...

I hope Miller is feeling better soon...poor guy! The brisket sounds delicious...yum!

Renee' said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Hope Miller gets to feeling better too! The brisket recipe looks great! I'm going to print it out and try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

Poor Miller, I hope he feels better soon.

I'm making my rounds for one last time before I leave, then it will be a month before I can come back and say hi.


Lesa said...

With only 8 more days of school - I can't wait to clean house and lay in the sun. Mostly I want to lay in the sun! Hope Miller is better soon! This Spring has been really rough on allergies at school with some of our kids. The weather doesn't help either - cold and rainy one day and hot the next! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I keep trying to talk Daniel into buying the kids a trampoline, but he won't do it. Said he watched too much "America's Funniest Home Videos" where people nearly maimed themselves on them. All I think about is... how tired the kids will be from playing on them!!!

Sounds like you are doing great! Hope you had a wonderful day - and your hair, I am sure, looks beautiful!


Christina said...

I love jumping on the trampoline myself. It's a great way to exercise. Sounds like Miller loves it.

I hope you and Miller keep getting better. I will say a little prayer for you.