Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Annual Trip

Our Annual Friend Trip is Saturday. And we are heading out to Hermann, Missouri's Wine Vineyards. There are 16 of us going. We are leaving bright and early Saturday morning. The men are going to a St Louis Cardinal game and the gals are heading to Wine Country. We have 3 Wineries we are going to tour and lots of wine to taste....We are having lunch at a quaint little resteraunt that once was a Horse Carriage Loft. We just can't wait to go.

It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend and the drive will be nice. I'm looking forward to some down time with friends.

There are so many different wines we want to try and how to drink them with cheeses and sausages. I love a good wine. Red or White.....or even the pink stuff.

The tours will be nice...the vineyards the they make it...what they do. I just find it all fascinating.

At the end of the day we plan on meeting up with our fellas and having a nice dinner out and maybe go listen to some bands....I love my time with my's nice to have them in my life.


Karen said...

Ooooh, this sounds wonderful! I'm so envious. I want a vacation (yes, I'm whining. And, yes, I want some cheese with my wine.)

Have a fabulous time!

Kelli said...

Oh, you are going to have such a wonderful time, Jen! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Robert Upchurch said...

Hi! Since you are (obviously) a coffee lover and you are coming to visit to Hermann, I thought I'd send you a plug for our pie (and coffee) shop in downtown Hermann: Time for Pie.

This weekend is Hermann's Maifest celebration, so there will be a lot of people in town, but be sure to stop by for a cup of the best coffee in town.

Enjoy your visit!

John & Jo Humason
Time for Pie
4th & Schiller Streets

Lesa said...

We went there last summer to see St. Louis play ball. I could have stayed for days in that area just visiting the wineries! Between my sister & I - we came home with about 40 bottles of wine! The only problem we had was the heat - it was well over 100 everyday. Some of the corks came loose on the way home! Those were the ones we drank first!
Next time we will go in cooler weather! I'm ready to go again! Have fun!

Barb said...

I swear, Jen, you do the most fun things. What a great trip and to end it with dinner out with your husbands just makes it all the more perfect. Have fun! And don't forget to take your camera. :-)

Christina said...

Lucky girl. This sounds like so much fun. I have never been to a winery but they look beautiful. Oh how I wish I could do what your doing. Have a great day and taste lots of awesome wine.

Ann(ie) said...

WHAT FUN!!! Friends get me through so much. Don't know what I'd do without them. ENJOY!!!! Oh and might I fit in your suitcase?

Org Junkie said...

You are so blessed to have such a large group of friends that all get along. Sounds fun!

Kim said...

Im insanely jealous! You have no idea.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

This sounds FABULOUS! I would love to tag along next time? : ) I hope to be able to do a wine tour someday!


gail@more than a song said...

That sounds really nice! I hope you had a great trip.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

This sounds like my kind of getaway! Daniel and I love to collect wine from all the different places we live. When I was in Albuquerque on Friday I stocked up on some local wines. I am looking forward to trying them out!

Jen, have a truly wonderful time!


PAT said...

I came by to see if you had a trip report yet. The Missouri weather was perfect for wineries, this weekend, both days! Hope you enjoyed Hermann. We were going to try to get there this week, but I think we'll wait until next week and go on over to the lake from there.


Renee' said...

Hope you had a wonderful time! It sounds lovely.