Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My trip and Gas Prices.

Well it's Tuesday. Madison is out of school for the Elections. We have been to vote....gone to pick out momma a birthday present...gone to lunch at the mall and done some shopping for Madison. We are back home so Miller can nap. It's been rather hectic around here though.
We got home from St Louis Sunday night. And we had such a great time. We left town Saturday morning at 7am...arriving in St Louis by 10am. The guys went to their game and the girls drove on up to Wine Country. It was so much fun. We started with Stone Hill Winery and had lunch and went on a tour. We sampled some wines and bought some too. We then preceded on to Hermanoff Winery. We had a great guide on samples....she was great. We were running late and had to push on though...that area is so beautiful though. We headed back to St Louis and showered and ate dinner downtown. It was a great weekend. We shopped the next day and returned home. 16 people. A few little dis agreements....but over all it was fun. I cherish my friends. It's the dis respect I don't tolerate in a friendship.
So yesterday I went to the grocery store. And Miller and I chilled the rest of the day. I made Chicken Spaghetti which was so great. Yummy. Tonight I'm making Round Steak carrots and sweet peas with mac and cheese Paula Deen's style.
Summer feels like it is almost here. Hot. With gas prices coming up so high..what are you doing to save money> What are you cutting back on to pay for gas? I re arranged my grocery list the other day and cut back $100. I couldn't believe it. Scott is car pooling with a guy at work. And we are trying to stay home more and not go as much. I try to go maybe twice a week instead of 3 times a week. So give me your in put on saving $$$$.
Have a great day everyone.


krisintn said...


I now purchase all my gas at Kroger which is where I do my grocery shopping too! For every $100 you spend in the grocery store you get $0.10 per gallon when you fill up! That saves me a little! I also make suer that I only buy whats on sale at the Kroger and use lots of coupons!

Anonymous said...

We purchase our gas at Costco and save an average of $.12 per gallon. As for food, we have decided to do soup at least one night a week and leftovers another night. Inexpensive and easy. The homemade soups make enough to freeze to use as a meal later in the week.

What is chicken spaghetti? That sounds great!

Kelli said...

We have been trying to drive less and combine errands. Our church is 20 minutes away, so that doesn't help! LOL Your dinner sounds delicious!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So glad you had a good time! Sounds like fun :)

I've been trying to cook more from my pantry and freezer, and buy less overall at the store. I've always been pretty good about buying on sale, using generics where possible, and even buying marked down meat to put in the freezer for a later meal. I'm also trying to cut back on errands, and do them all in one day. It's still hard though, everything seems to be going up! :)

Have a wonderful week, Jen!

Karen said...

Your trip sounds wonderful.

Gas and groceries -- they sure do eat up the money don't they? I'm trying to combine errands so as not to go out so much. The bonus is that I'm less frazzled, because running odd errands breaks up my day so much. I've also decided to go back to using coupons for groceries and I'm very careful about what I buy. Less prepared food, bulk packagine vs. individual servings, and planning menus around the sales. Stuff I try to do anyone, but I'm sticking to it!

Karen said...

Should be anyway, not anyone. Geez, how about I proof read before I push "publish."

Christina said...

The Paula Deen mac and cheese must be good. Is the recipe in her cookbook? I get her magazine sometimes but I rarely find the time to read.

About the gas. Here it is up to $3.80 so I do a few things to try to reduce the cost. Costco is one and buying on post is another so when I need to make a trip to Costco I mske sure I get gas. In the summer I will go to the beach that is closest to my house instead of going to different beaches that are farther just because we need a change of pace. I will combine all errands. In other words I will only hit the grocery store once a week and make sure my trip to the post office or Walmart or wherever are done on the same day. We will do anything that is in walking distance. So going to Kmart and then a quickie lunch is in walking distance about 2 miles, but the kids will do it if they know they are getting a lunch. We walk to Buger king and only buy a shake so we can enjoy the playground. I also do like you and save in another place so we can spend the extra for gas if need be. We lived in Germany for 3 years and had ration coupons and learned that it is not so hard to live like this once you get used to it. Good for the purse, the waist line, and the health. All that walking and cutting back on unhealthy foods.

mom of 2 said...

I saw gas this morning at $3.76...I was shocked! I try not to go much either, but now that I'm working so much that kind of takes care of itself. I also drive a very fuel efficient car, which also helps. Thankfully my husband's company pays for all of his gas so that is such a blessing! As for groceries I try to buy as many of the store brand items as I can. It really helps me to save lots!

Glad you had a fun trip!

Ann(ie) said...

I already carpool. Hubby's going to start taking the bus. It's brutal!