Thursday, April 24, 2008

Seize the Day!

I had a peaceful quiet day yesterday. ALL.BY.MYSELF. Yes.....Miller went to my mamma's for the day. And I got my nails done. Had a massage and did some shopping. Ate lunch by myself and then laid in the sun by myself. It was a nice peaceful day.
I don't get many of those. The beginning of the week started out kind of rockie. But as Wednesday came slowed down. With it being the end of the school year and all room mom's become very busy.....we have Carnival's to help organize, end of year parties, graduation's, teacher appriciation week, and well the last day of school. All in one month.
Along with things going on in my home...I have my counter tops being laid soon and cabinets being prepped for painting soon and the outside trim work getting prepped to paint.
Things are getting a little stressful. So yesterday when I had that entire day to was nice. It was nice to drink my Sonic drink without sharing it. It was nice to walk into a department store without handing out snacks or grabbing up thrown toys off the floor. It was nice to just be in the presence of myself.
I encourage each of you busy mom's that are going through what I'm going through with toddlers or school aged take a day...and do it for yourself. Without this you cannot focus on yourself.

• Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart.
Erma Bombeck


Debra Lane Designs said...

Nice post!! I need to take one of those days for myself. It's so easy to get wraped up in things.

I enjoy your blog!!

Michelle said...

how nice to have the whole day all to yourself -definitely something to treasure!

Kelli said...

How wonderful to get a nice and relaxing day all to yourself, Jen! It sounds like you will need another one next month!

Karen said...

Great post, Jen. Your day sounds absolutely heavenly. We need days like this! Something as simple as enjoying a coke without someone wanting a sip. I hear ya, girlfriend!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am SO, SO happy for you. It is crucial for us moms to have time alone. It restores us. I hope you feel refreshed and able to tackle the days ahead with new vigor!

Have a nice day, Jen!


Sandra said...

Ain't that the truth, we need to remember to seize the day. Great post and so glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Anonymous said...

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Trailboss said...

I didn't feel the quake at all. Nor did I feel any of the aftershocks. But I know a lot of ppl that did. My brother-in-law lives in the Irvin Cobb in downtown Paducah and he said the 7th floor was rocking and rolling.

Ann(ie) said...

I'm applauding you right now, girlie. ALL mama's need that from time to time to maintain sanity. It just refreshes and makes us better parents in my opinion. AND I would have picked the VERY same activities you did!!! xo.

gail@more than a song said...

Oooh, sounds like a good day! Hope y'all have had a good weekend too.

Anonymous said...

This is like the advice I've been waiting for!

Barb said...

As big an Erma Bombeck fan as I am, I've never heard that quote. Cracked me up.

And yes, every mom with kids this age should seriously try to take a day like this every now and then. I remember. I really remember not being able to drink a soft drink without sharing it.

It's amazing how much one day like this can restore you.