Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Girl Talk

So today is Friday. Thank God. It's been a long week. Probably because I havent been that busy. I'm going to the grocery later. Mom is going to watch Miller so I can go. Miller and I have been together everyday for over a week. I think he is getting tired of me. So I'm sending him to hang out with Meme later. Did you ever think you would be excited about going to the grocery by yourself? Well I'am.

Madison won her Volleyball Championship last night....whoo hoo lets here it for the girls! She was so excited.They got medals. So now Volleyball is over. Scott is still playing and has 2 more games though. Spring Break starts tomorrow. Scott is off 3days now. I may not post much next week because she is off and well....we will be making memories....we do have alot planned. And even a down day included in there.

I'm taking Miller to see th Back Yardigans Live tomorrow. He has no idea but loves them. I cant wait to see his face when they come out on stage. Tomorrow is also Scott's grandmothers 84th birthday. We are going out to dinner with the family.

Madison has to go in for her tetnas shot this week also. She is scared to death. I have told her it is no big deal...but she cant get over the drama of a shot.

I guess we will do some yard work this week too. I booked our condo for our family vacation. I'll let you know more about this place closer to time.

It rained hard here last night and we had alot lightning and thunder. It woke Madison up and she was scared. Miller slept through it all. The rain is supposed to move out this afternoon and give us some much needed sunshine for the weekend.
Thanks to all of you for being so nice yesterday. Just one of those days I guess.
Miller and I have been home quite a bit this week too......sometimes too much of your house can be just too much. I enjoy being home...but need public places to get me though the week....

Well....I hope you all will have a great week. I'm making Chicken Enchiladas tonight. My Baked Ziti was fantastic if any of you would like the recipe let me know.....Have a great Friday friends.


Overwhelmed! said...

I want your baked ziti recipe! :)

I'll bet Miller is going to be so excited when he sees the Back Yardigans appear on stage! What a neat surprise. :)

Karen said...

I'd like your recipe, too! I totally understand the thrill of going to the grocery store all alone. It used to be one of my favorite things to do. Now, that I've been able to go alone for so many years, I like to take someone with me -- usually DH. He keeps me on task!

Have a great week for spring break! I love the picture on this post -- it just sings "SPRING!"

PAT said...

Good morning, Jen!

Next month, Hermann is having it's Mai Fest. It's only one weekend. We used to go when they had Mai Fest every weekend. There used to be a house tour during the festival. I always enjoyed going. It was a tour of the old historic homes. Not sure if they still do that.

J and I talked it over and decided your best bet for lunch might be Stone Hill Winery. It's beautiful there, with great views. We like Stone Hill Golden Rhine and Steinberg wines.

I'm excited for you. I know you will enjoy this little German town. I hope the Missouri River behaves while you're there, too!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hope you enjoyed your trip to the grocery store, alone, Jen! I am a totally weird person, in that I love to food shop. It makes me all happy inside :)

Have fun at Backyardigans and all weekend. Sounds like a busy one, hope you guys get a lot of yard work done. Oh, and happy birthday to Scott's grandmother! My dad will be 85 later this month :)

P.S. Post your recipe when you have time, I love ziti!

Christina said...

Glad to hear that Madison's volleyball team did so well. I'm sorry about her shot. Hopefully it won't be too bad. Most of the time the anticipation is worse than the actual event.

Happy Birthday to Scott's grandmother. Wow 84, can you imagine that?

The Back Yardigans sound like they will be an awesome show for little ones. I don't think they ever came here, but I wish we could of gone to see them. Darrian likes this show a lot and I think they are pretty cute myself.

Sorry to hear you were feeling down the other day. I hope today is much brighter for you. I get days like these sometimes. I swear it must be something to do with hormones. I think women are very sensitive to begin with and our bodies always have so much going on. I just hope today is so much better. Enjoy Scott's grandmothers birthday and I know you and Miller will enjoy the Back Yardigans. Let us know how the show is.

Trailboss said...

I can relate to bad days and hormones for sure. Luckily I have something that always makes me feel better. My daughter and I went horseback riding today. We packed our lunch and took off. It was glorious! I hadn't ridden in about 5 months and my mare had not been ridden during that time either. She tested me at first but after that she was great. All in all my Saturday was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about getting out for the big trip to the grocery store. Sometimes it makes me giddy, just having that time to myself.

I know Miller will LOVE the Back Yardigans. You will will too, it just makes you smile.

I hope Madison's shot goes OK. It is always the anticipation that is the worse.

Have a great week. Enjoy that birthday party. What a special treat, 84 years, wow, how special.

Take care.

Sandra said...

I LOVE baked ziti :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

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Bev said...

Baked ziti?-Yes! And youre right that getting out of the house a bit is good, for everyone. Thank the Lord it's finally spring and we can open the doors, send them out to the yard, or even make errands a bit of an outing.

gail@more than a song said...

Hope you have a good spring break week!
Maybe you can post your ziti recipe since several people want it!

Chappyswife said...

Well, of course I want you baked ziti recipe! I know you're on spring break, but wanted to drop by & say I hope you're having a ball!

GiBee said...

How did it go at the Backyardigans??? I wonder if that is something Hunter would enjoy? He's 30 months old, but has a very short attention span..... hmmmmmm.

Mike Golch said...

Hi Jen,I was over at sgtandmrshub,and saw you comment so I thought thatI'd come for a visit,and hellow neighbor.this is how I look at the bloggers as neighbors.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Yum! Baked ziti is one of my favorites!

Sounds like it was a trying week for you. I hope that you were able to find some refreshment is having a little break, even if it was just the grocery store. I know I have found many a moment of relaxation and escape walking the aisles of my grocery store alone.

Have a fun week, I do hope Madison can relax about her shot - although I am right there with her. I'm absolutely terrified of getting a shot, yet I have three babies at home! Doesn't make any sense :)