Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just another chat

Good Morning. It's a cold morning today. Very Cold. We have been getting ready for Madison's birthday this week. I'm cooking her favorites for a family dinner on Saturday night. Not sure what we are doing during the day as she has volleyball practice early that morning. Madison will be 11. Unreal she is that old already. Seems only yesterday we took her home from the hospital. Time surely goes by too fast.

On a lighter sister Cassie and her husband come home for good March 12th. They will be living in Tennessee. We are extremely proud of their journey and very happy to have them coming home. 3 years is long enough.

We went shopping for Easter clothes yesterday and found Miller a 4 piece suit.....OH.MY.GOSH.
That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. His dress shirt is aqua. He will be the most cutest kid in church that day. Madison gets a hair cut after school and then we are going to the mall for her to try on dresses....the reason for this? This weekend will be crazy for Easter shopping so I want to get it over with. We are going to eat out there too...Scott will be meeting us as Dillard's is having their 40% off clearance sale....which we love those kinds of sales.

I spoke earlier about taking our family trip to California this year. Well....we are not going. The airline tickets and the rest of the trip was close to running us $4000 and I just cant imagine doing that. Maybe another now we cant decide where to go. I normally have vacations planned by the second week of February....nope not this year.

Miller and I plan on staying in today, I think I may exercise today....start at least. I hope you have a great Thursday.


Sandra said...

I'm sorry Jen, I know how you were looking forward to the trip.

Everything is so expensive nowadays though, you know we're heading to South Africa in may and just the tickets alone are costing us $6600. YIKES!

Hope you find a great place to head to. :)


jennwa said...

I too am sorry you are not getting to go to California. I hope you find another fun place to go. To go or doing anything is so expensive.

gail@more than a song said...

11, wow! I hope y'all have a fun birthday celebration.
Easter is so early, I'm having trouble trying to figure out what to get to wear!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Madison! It sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. My daughter is also 11. It's a nice age:)

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your trip, but airline tickets are outrageous. I have been on this island for 7 years and haven't left once. Can you imagine the cost to fly 7 people to California. I can't even think about that one.

Wow 11 years old. How does time fly so fast. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. She is a beautiful little girl and obviously growing a heart toward God. Let me correct myself, a beautiful young lady.

Dillard's, 40% off, lucky you. We don't even have a Dillard's. We have a Ross and that has a lot of good deals, but sorry to say no Dillard's.

Sandy said...

Happy Weekend Jen!
Sorry about the CA trip, I know how that goes ...

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I hear ya on the cold - as Daniel said... it's stupid cold out there! ;)

Bummer about your vacation! I am sure, with your creativity, you will have a wonderful vacation this year.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sweet girl! I wish her a VERY happy birthday!