Monday, April 16, 2007

A Home

Scott just went back to work. He has been off all week with us. Madison is getting ready to go back to school. Miller is playing. I'm trying to get back into the blogging groove of things. It's a beautiful day here today. We have found a home we want to is in foreclosure. The real estate market has it but they don't have a price from the bank. Which is about to drive me insane. Maybe the bank will contact us today. Does anyone have any experience with foreclosed homes? Any advice would be appreciated. I have been looking at different things for the new house......wherever it may be. Madison is wanting a Paris theme....again...if you have any ideas please share. She has found a bed spread at Bombay for Kids...and I like it and it is on sale. Good sign. She also wants to add something to her room for her friends to sign while there.....I was thinking a chalk wall...but another friend of mine says no is too messy. So....I thought maybe painting the back of her door and writing something in French at the top ...maybe about friendship...and letting them sign that. I don't know. And for the first time ever....I will have a dining room. I have always had an eat in kitchen only. So I can get my china has been passed down in Scott's family for 4 generations. It's Royal the whole room will be based on this one. Any designers out there?

Well, I have talked enough about the house...that we don't own yet or have a price on...say a prayer it works out. I really want this house.

I hope you all are well..I'm coming to visit.


gail said...

Oh yay, you found a house! How fun!
I know nothing about foreclosures, have only lived in 2 houses my married life. Hope it all works out, been missing you!

Maybe a chalk board instead of a chalk wall? Or I've also seen frames where people can sign the mat and then you have a framed something to hang up.

mom of 2 said...

I hope that you are able to get the house! I don't know anything about foreclosure...sorry!

My kids have a chalk board and it's not too messy. What about a dry erase board? I wouldn't get anything permanent because you know pre-teen girls...never know what they're going to write!!

lainb said...

I had a chalk wall as a kid (years ago) -- it was made with that chalkboard spray. I also had a dry erase white board...the dry erase board was MUCH more fun & popular!! I highly recommend every child/teen have one as a creative outlet!

Congrats on the house!

Barb said...

Well, Jen, we'll just pray about the house! That should work.

I think your door idea is great. A door can always be painted over down the road, when she outgrows that idea but for now, what fun for her and her friends.

Christina said...

I hope you find out about this house soon. I hate being in limbo.

The Paris theme sounds like it will be pretty. Who doesn't love Paris!

Dee said...

No experience or advice regarding foreclosed homes here, but I am praying! I love the idea for the Paris themed room - when your house all comes together (and it will), you'll have to share your end results! How exciting - yet nerve racking...moving! We've done it 6 times in 13 years 3 of those to a brand new state..the other 3 were in town moves... ALL are exhausting! I'll be praying -- meanwhile -- when you have the time, kick your feet up and take a few moments to breathe and pray... it's quite amazing how God can work through 5 minute prayer breaks! :)

Tina Leigh said...

Oh Jen....see its getting exciting now! I dont have a clue on MIL helped me if not the whole hose would have been decorated in hunting stuff! The room sounds so interesting tho! Hey PLEASE SHOW A PICTURE OF THAT CHINA!! Tha is if you can & have time. Oh I would love to see it!