Friday, April 20, 2007

Girl Talk

Good Morning's Friday. I'm going out this morning with mom. Today is one year my grandfather passed away. So we are going out to the cemetery and to lunch and some shopping.
I love days like this with mom......she is the best.

This week has been crazy. The bank declined our offer on the house. The one in foreclosure.......but didn't accept anyone else' we have to wait for a price still. Maybe up to 2 weeks. God is teaching me patience...and I'm going to learn it.

We have a busy weekend as usual. Madison is staying with a friend tonight and going to the ballparks. While Miller is going to Scott's moms. Scott and I are going for pizza and bowling and that Kit Kat night....whoo hoo.

Tomorrow we have Soccer games 30 miles away....two at that. And Sunday we just have church and just hanging out together.

My life is running in circles as usual...but I wouldn't have it any other way.....have a great one friends.


mom of 2 said...

Hope you have a great day with your mom and a fun date night! Maybe you can get your mind off of all the house stuff for a while!

Barb said...

A sad anniversary - I'm glad you're spending it with your mom.

Your weekend sounds pretty typical to me. Run, run, run but have fun.

org junkie said...

Hey Jen! Sounds like you will busy, busy, busy. Enjoy your date night, I haven't been on one of those for awhile.


gail said...

Have fun with your mom!
Your date sounds fun too. Don and I had a "date" last weekend to Lowe's, silly boy!

Tina Leigh said...

Jen it sounds to like you are going to have a really good weekend!! I still haven't gotten one of those Kit Kat blizzards!! OH I wish I had one now!

Glass Half Full said...

Morning! :)

I get along very well with my mom and long for days I get to spend time with her. We make our hair appts together for that reason!!

Let us know how that Kit Kat Blizzard is won't you?

Christina said...

Glad to hear you and your mom can be together. It's nice to be able to go to the cemetery. I always thought this would be depressing, but when I went to my grandfathers grave I found it very peaceful.

I pray you get a price on the house soon. That really sucks.

Sandra said...

Jen you're always so busy, hope you get time to recharge :)

Glad you get to spend time with your mom, wish I had mine close by to do the same :)

Have a great week,

Kim said...

I'm a bit late reading this, but I'm glad you got to spend a day with your mom and have a date with Scott all in one weekend!

Anonymous said...

Date night out without the kiddos? Have fun!! It's not too often that we get those...but I won't complain :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I hope you enjoyed that Kit Kat Blizzard! And you've been wonderful about patience... teaching us all something, too!


mom of 2 said...

Jen...where are you?? Hope all is well with you guys!

Mike said...

You'll have your house soon.


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