Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meal Plan for the week of January 18th

Dessert of the week......Snow Cream and Homemade Hot Chocolate...for those Snow Days

Monday....Crock Pot Steak with Gravy  (Miller's favorite thing) over mashed potatoes and green beans, rolls

Tuesday....Mexican Pizza with chips and salsa on the side

Wednesday...Meatball Lasagna with Texas Toast


Friday....On Friday nights...the kids are normally not here...out with I do a dinner that Scott and I like (a grown up Italian Sausage Spinach and Havarti Crescent Braid

Saturday....eating out...Kitchen is Closed

Sunday....Brunch after church...Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole..( I will set my alarm for around 4am to turn on my crock pot....will make this the night before)...Dinner....Sausage and Penne Soup....yummy on cold nights! I'll add some kind of bread to dip in it.

Winter Blues

Several of you have asked if I was going to talk about the dreadful.."Winter Blues". January is just so cold. It's hard to get excited about leaving your house when its 20 degrees outside with a wind chill of 10. Or when its dark and cold outside. That's even worse. 
Don't get me wrong, my happy place involves sunshine, tank tops, flip flops, sunscreen, the ocean, warm evening walks, ponytails, ice cold drinks and warmth galore!!! Once Christmas and the first fall of snow has passed..... I'm ready for it to be over.
Of course, for so many of us...Old Man Winter over stays his welcome.
Winter is a season, though. I try to embrace it. I feel its a time to pull quilts out, make warm drinks to sip, snuggle into your home for a quiet winters nap. It's a resting time. On nights we are home, we watch a lot of movies (kinda catch up). I cook a lot of comfort foods, and bake fun stuff for the kids. I also have a a little "nook" in my family room. It's my chair with a basket of favorite things in it, books (devotions) magazines, my iPad, ear phones, a jar of cashews (mine only), a few hershey kisses...all tucked together for "me time". 
When I feel a little down, I try to get outside, feel the sunshine, take a walk or a run. Colors are important too, yellows, reds, oranges all make your heart smile. Winter won't last forever, so make the most of it. 

Snow Day Ideas

Puzzles....go buy 2-3 today. It's a great thing with kids.

Have a movie marathon, in your pajamas. Make fun foods like a taco bar or spaghetti for lunch. Homemade pizza shaped like a snowman is fun. 

Do a Board game Marathon

Snow Paint Indoors on the Cold Days...when my kids were little I filled the bathtub up with snow and let them go. It all drains out when it melts. They loved it.

Sugar Cookie Pizzas....Cookie dough from the store, toppings...strawberry jam or red frosting, coconut for cheese, red M&M's for pepperoni....a fun thing for kiddos

Picnics in the living room are great. We actually do this a lot.

Freeze cool whip dollops in cookie cutters for your hot chocolate...

Birdseed Ice Ornaments....this is my favorite thing to do with Miller in the winter. We do it every year.

Snow Volcano....Science fun at home

Water Balloon Marbles...these are all over Pintrest...they are so pretty

Tic Tac Toe in the snow

Melted Snowmen Cookies

Sundae Bar with pudding cups....toppings, whip cream in a can, candies, cherries...these are fun.

Tip of the day......
How to get your kids out of bed on those cold mornings.....put their clothes in the dryer...they will jump right into them. 

Have a great week!

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Karen said...

Oh, Jen, I'm so glad that you are blogging again! It's been fun 'stealing' your pins on Pinterest, and it makes me miss your posts. I love, love your menu ideas. And this post just resonates with me, because I have such a hard time getting through the winter months. I love snow days, but mostly we just get cold, gray, dirty snow that's been on the ground too long. You have some great ideas and it reminds me I have a puzzle tucked away. Love puzzles:) Your little corner sounds SO cozy.

Hugs to you!