Sunday, November 22, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 11/23 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'm on vacation.....but here are some recipes for you to check out. 

Dessert of the week...Crock Pot Candy Peanut Clusters...thought I would start posting Christmas Candy ideas

Monday...Crock Pot BBQ Nachos...this is a great meal that the kids will love. Make it a movie night with them.

Tuesday...Chicken Alfredo Casserole with a side salad

Wednesday....Fried Egg BLT...I make this a lot. Madison can even make it. We eat it for any meal. Miller puts chips with it.



Saturday....Mexican Spaghetti......(New recipe)

Sunday.....Miller's 10th Birthday!!! Eating out

The twinkling of lights, the crisp can almost smell Christmas. There is so much to love about this time of year. I've already decorated my home. Yes, its done. This year I wanted to "decorate in November and celebrate in December" least thats what I read in a magazine.
I just do not want to be stressed out. I want to smile and enjoy this season. I'm going to take time for me, sure my December calendar is already booked up...but I took some days and marked them off for...1. Baking day with the kids..2. Lazy Sunday watching a Christmas movie and laying on the couch...3. the 23rd of December every single year is for just my family of 4....we get up and go to the mall and grab hot chocolate and watch people. Yep, watch people run around and do last minute things. Then we have lunch out by the mall and I cook a fun meal that night and we watch movies and camp by the tree. This is a tradition we have done for years. I LOVE it.

Start making lists now, if you already haven't. Look at your calendar and mark a day off for you. Even if its just laying on the couch watching the Hallmark channel. I know making lists does not come naturally for some....but it works. I have a Christmas Journal that I write in and hold onto for every year. It helps me to remember how I decorated something or who I send a Christmas card too. I keep it on me most days. I have favorite foods, gift ideas, lists of items I need to pick up.
Start on your Christmas cards now. Either start addressing them, pick up your Holiday Stamps, or figure out the family photo. Doing this in 3 weeks will be stressful and overwhelming. On line shop as much as you can. It is just easier. Get ready for Black Friday ads now.
If you do not have a Christmas Club...I urge you to do one. We have had money taken out of Scotts check for years. They send it to me in November. Its such a nice relief. I have told more friends to do this. Check with your bank or employer.

Carry Germ X with you. Keep your hands clean. No one likes being sick during the holidays. Take vitamins. Stress can weaken your immune system.
Say no. It's ok. You cannot do everything.

Try and remember that this time of year comes and goes. Make memories that will last a lifetime.
Scott proposed to me on Christmas Eve. I remember every detail.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Be thankful! We are all blessed.


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