Thursday, November 05, 2009

My take on Disney World

We started planning our trip to Disney a year in advance. We new where we wanted to stay and all the things we wanted to do. I would sit down in the mornings and search the web for new things at Disney. Some things we would do again and again and again...and some we would pass up.
Here they are...

1. Food....all the food started to taste alike and look the same by day 3. But the Garden Grill wasn't our favorite food wise. The atmosphere was great and the character part was great. Yet the food was just not what we expected for Disney food.
The best food we had and experience at a restaurant was the Whispering Canyon Cafe located in Fort Wilderness. The food was great.....the ribs the chicken....all so good. The gave us so much to eat...and the atmosphere was awesome. We all loved it.....and still talk about it today.

2. Parks.....We love Magic Kingdom by far. Took us 3 days to do it. Something about the park that makes every adult feel like a kid. I could go thru that park everyday.
Now all the parks are great with their own thing going on......we dont do the water parks as each hotel has a small water parkish thing going on.....

3. Rides....we all talked and by far Soarin was our favorite ride. Such a cool thing to exp. We also love other rides such as The Tower of Terror, Toy Store mania, Splash mtn and the Rocky mtn Roller Coaster. Some rides we wouldnt waste time on again would be....Stitchs Great Escape...not what we remembered it as...alot of bad smells, any ride that resembled the Dumbo ride...and there were 2 others like it in different parks....

4. Shows....we did alot of shows after lunch as the temps were very high that week and we needed a break after our tummies were full. We enjoyed all of them to be honest...Playhouse Disney was awesome, its tough to be a bug, monsters Inc, and Nemo the musical a few of our favorites.....i dont think there were any on our list we would not see piece of advice though..dont go on a water ride before going into any of the will freeze to death.

5. Disney Resorts....we stayed at Carribean Beach...last time it was Port Orleans...both great places, family friendly. I would highly recommend either of them.
I would not stay off property....i think you miss too much. Just my opinion.

6. Dining Plan....Do it. We did the table service and fast food with one snack a day worked out it. Enough said.

7. Dining Reservations...make them..highly recommended. Dont wont get what you want.

8. Characters...they are if you dont get those great shots the first have the rest of the week and you will get them.

I love to plan trips...a hobby i guess. But Disney planning is awesome. I have all the tricks and tips you me anytime for your Disney planning.

Over all...we had a blast. It was an unforgettable trip. Something we will always treasure. Disney is a magical place for all ages. I highly recommend you go.

Hugs and Pixie Dust!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

How wonderful! I hope to take our family someday. We've just been to Disneyland and it was a "one day impromptu" trip with no planning. I imagine you would get so much out of it if you plan like that!


Debbie said...

Sounds like you had fun....I never have gone to Disney...maybe someday...

Trailboss said...

I looks like yall made some great memories for the entire family. That is so special. I can remember a few trips that our family went on when I was growing up. They just stick in your mind when you are young. That's a good thing.