Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The last day....Hollywood Studios.

So our morning began in front of the "Hat" and we began our journey into Hollywood Studios. What an awesome day we had. This place rocks....we could have done 2 days in it.

Down Sunset Blvd....there are several famous looking cars to which Miller HAD to have his picture made in front of.


One of the new attractions here was American Idol...the fans we are....we went and sat in the audience and checked it cool..we got to vote. It was pretty awesome.

Our lunch reservation was at Playhouse Disney Live and Dine....this has been a staple show in our household for almost 4 years now. Miller loves it. The lunch was okay....but the company was awesome...we saw Jo Jo and Goliath and the Little Eisensteins....pretty cool.

We went and found Miller's other heros. Lightning and mater.....Miller thought they would talk....he wanted to get into the cars....see how he is hugging Lightning?

This was Miller's first Disney movie he sat and watched the whole way thru...Monsters when he walked in and there stood Mike and Sully......he smiled so was awesome. The helper asked what my first Disney Movie was....I couldnt really remember...I think Cinderella.

Here we are at Honey i Shrunk the Kids Play Ground...a great place to let the kids run and let it all out.
Which they did.

This was our last spot of the day. It was long but worth it.

Tomorrow the over view of the whole for Disney and what we wished we had done and what we wont do again....


Karen said...

This makes me realize how long ago it was that I went to Disney. The movies you're showing pictures of weren't even made then. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post. Someday we'll make it there and I'd like to hear your suggestions.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, I have loved looking all of your pictures Jen! Such wonderful memories you guys made and such great photos :) Thank you for sharing them with us!

Sandra said...

You know I've never been to Disney and neither have my I really want to go :)