Monday, June 09, 2008

Our Week in Review


Outside my Window...I'm looking at the swing set/playground Scott put together over the last couple of days. It took about 10 hours. Miller loves it.

I am thinking...what I will be doing with Miller outside this morning before it gets too hot for him to play today. Maybe a walk or bubbles this morning.

I am thankful for...for such great kids. And their friends. Madison stayed over at a friends house last night. I remember that feeling you got when mom said yes.

From the kitchen...Italian Beef in the crock pot and chips. Smores for dessert.

I am creating...a nice home for the family. We picked out tile for the kitchen walls...warm and inviting.

I am stay home today. Cleaning the house is my goal. Maybe lay in the sun on my tummy at nap time. Depends on the humidity.

I'am wearing.......Striped Pajama pants and a tank top with my hair in a bun...bare foot

I am reading...alot of blogs. Playing catch up. We may hit the library though this week and get some new cook books to read.

I am hoping...that my jeep (which is going to the shop today) gets good news. Last week the news was $1100. We are getting a second opinion.

Around the garden is prospering. We have over 16 tomatoes and 1 squash..with alot of blooms. The cucumber and okra look great and the bell pepper are blooming beautifully. I cannot wait to walk out there and start picking with the kids.

One of my favorite hour massages

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...we have an ENT appointment for Miller, a lunch date with a friend moving away, guest day at the pool, grocery day...that is just a few to name

My picture thought of the week...I love this picture I found on line it reminds me of kids playing outside in the warm summer wind catching fire flies and sipping lemonade....enjoy your warm nights this week

For more Day Book's go check out Peggy at The Simple Woman. I so enjoy this.


AllyJo said...

I love your beautiful blue website. I'll come back when I have a chance and read more. Thanks for sharing today.

Blessings to you.

Christina said...

First off the picture was so cool and it definitely reminded me of summer and kids and relaxing, etc.

Wow 10 hours, that is what my hubby said, at least 10 hours, but worth it when you see how much the kids enjoy it and I am glad that Miller loves his.

It definitely sounds like you are having one delicious dinner. I am such a copy cat and going to add this one to my list. I use my crock pot all the time in the summer because I can take the kids out and then come home to enjoy it right away. I never thought of adding chips so thanks for the idea, that will make things even easier.

Sorry to hear about your jeep and I will pray that the next opinion is a lot less. I had this happen with my son's braces. The first ortho said $4000. and the one we have now, whom I love only charged $2500. which insurance covers half so that was a huge difference.

I have a few errands today but after that I will stay home and clean too. I want to be able to enjoy the rest of the week at the pool or the beach.

PS do you have a recipe you like best for Italian beef, like I said I am such a copy cat.

PSS My hubby may be being re stationed to the mainland and one of the places may be KY. can you tell my something about the area, I don't know whether it will be Ft. Campbell or Knox, but I have heard most likely Campbell if we end up there. It was funny because my hubby was asking me if I knew about Ky and I said yes from my blog friend Jen. and he said "Oh you mean the nice one from a good cup of coffee?" So obviously he reads my comments. Anyway I thought of you and said you know what is really neat about KY? The Kentucky derby and then I went on to tell him all about your description of it. He thought that was pretty cool.

Christina said...

PSSS Sorry such a long post.

Chappyswife said...

Hi, Jen. Did you really post this at 5:33 am? My word. I so wish I was a morning person. I plan on becoming one in a couple of months if two of my little ones start school. I want to be all ready to take them, then go walking after I drop them off. Also, they will have activities that I want to help with.

I am enjoying your daybook and plan on checking out the link you provided.

I LOVE that pic you found online. How fun does that look?

You are an inspiration to me, Jen. I am always lifted up when I drop by here. Have a GREAT week! :0)

Michele said...

I love the picture! :)

Hope you get good news on your jeep. We didn't get good news on our car today, unfortunately.


Tina Leigh said...

I really like this post idea. Wish I could remember to do it. It always sounds interesting at your house Jen.

Renee' said...

I am really enjoying the daybook posts! I'm doing mine on Wed.'s so stop over when you get a chance. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!