Monday, June 25, 2007

We are moving right along

The house is coming along. We are painting rooms and have set up the hardwood for 3 more weeks to be put in. The carpet guys haven't called on a date yet. But that is okay. The formal living room is done and painted Tee Pee Brown it's kind of a light Chocolate.....very rich looking. The trim is white. The Dining room is a Cottage White and the trim is the same o course. Madison's room is Satin Pink Pixie Dust.....we are striping her walls a hot Pink called Flamingo. I may stripe them tonight. Miller's room is a going to be a jungle. My friend S is doing it and I have to meet with her this week. My room is going to be the color Wooden's prettier than your average wooden spoon...LOL! he family room is Parisian Taupe along with the hall and foyer. It goes really well with the fireplace. It also brightens up the room. The kitchen's finally has the walls finished. The drywall wasn't done and Scott's dad finished it for us. Its going to be the color Faded Clay. I'm going with a Tuscan look. I go look at lighting this week. I never thought lighting was this hard to deal is! I'm ordering Madison's bedding today.
She has tennis today. I'll run errands while she is there. Things are falling into place. We go look at counter tops next weekend.
I feel as if we are building a home. I know once its done it will be so worth it.
I haven't come to visit you all in awhile. i get so busy. I'm sorry. One day I will post everyday and visit you and it will be normal again.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like you guys are really getting a lot done Jen! Those colors sound great; I'll have to look for the brown/clay ones the next time I'm in Home Depot or Lowes. I want to paint our den a light brown shade. Your kitchen sounds wonderful. One of my sisters is in Tuscany at this very minute, on vacation :) Be sure to post pictures when you can!

Take care and have fun with all of this, it's not just a chore, it's your new home and I bet it's all going to be fabulous!

gail@more than a song said...

I think y'all are getting a lot done! It all sounds lovely and I know you must be so busy. It'll be so worth it when you're done and living in it. Hope you're taking lots of pics to show us later!

Org Junkie said...

Your colors sound amazing. I can't wait to see pictures!!