Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have been over at Rocks in my Dryer looking at her Works for me Wednesdays......we are living with my parents for the summer and well Madison gets really bored. We have been going alot lately to Lowes, Paint Stores, Decorator's house Carpet Store...you get the idea. And well, she is going nuts. She goes to Tennis on Monday and Wednesdays and on Thursday's goes on little trips for the day with the youth at church. SO>.......why is it she is bored. We always go to the mall or the library or a museum on Friday's (I like to have it their day on Friday's) so when Tuesdays come around I like to clean the bathroom we are using at mom's and clean our bedrooms. Madison feels we should goes do something NOT related to the house. If we don't do things for the house we will never get in the house....any suggestions out there? I went Shannon's web site because she always has great ideas and had Boredom Edition 2 weeks ago. Does anyone have any ideas or websites? Please let me know.

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Chappyswife said...

How about let her scrapbook her summer activities or all the different stages of how the house is coming along or research your next vacation online and plan some activites in a scrapbook?