Tuesday, November 14, 2006

He is the one.....

He's the one I wake up to every morning.
He's the one that makes me coffee every morning.
He's the one that gets my newspaper every morning...and hands me my favorite part.
He's the one that kisses my forehead before leaving for work every morning.
He's the one that calls to check on me every morning on his 15 minute break.
He's the one that calls and checks on me at lunch everyday.
He's the one that works overtime everyday to give me the extras I want.
He's the one that drives the "older" vehicle so I can drive the new one.
He's the one that cleans the kitchen every night so I can give the baby a bath and not have to do both.
He's the one that helps fold the laundry every night.
He's the one that helps out with homework.
He's the one that walks the dog for me.
He's the one that gets up with Miller on Saturday mornings so I can sleep late.
He's the one that hates to touch feet..but rubbed mine both times I was pregnant.
He's the one that picks me up my favorite milkshake for no reason what so ever.
He's the one that holds me when I cry.
He's the one that listens and gives great advice whether I want it or not.
He's the one that lets me watch my soaps late at night instead of his football.
He's the one that prays for me every night.
He's the one that loves me everyday no matter what.
He's the one that I look up to and cherish.
He's the one that still says I'm beautiful every day.
He's the one that winks at me still.
He's the one that still makes my heart flutter when he walks into a room.
He's the one that makes me laugh.
He's the one that I kiss goodnight.
He's the one that shares his fries with me.
He's the one that watches chic flicks with me...and never complains.
He's the one that makes me a glass of wine at night to unwind.
He's the one that never judges me.
He's the one that holds my hand still.
He is my lover, my best friend, my cheerleader, my fighter, my children's father, my hero, my prince charming......he is Scott....my husband...Happy Birthday baby. I love you.


Christina_the_wench said...

Awwww. You're a very lucky woman. Happy Birthday, Scott!

mom of 2 said...

That's awesome! Happy birthday to your hubby!!

Dee said...

Oh my goodness --- that is SO sweet!! Happy Birthday to Scott -- he is blessed with a precious woman!! :)

Christina said...

Happy Birthday to Scott. He sounds like one awesome guy. You are lucky to have him.

Pattie said...

Very, very sweet. I am glad you have such happiness in your life. He sounds like a true prince charming!

Great pic, BTW. Looks like you have a beautiful yard.

Betty said...

What a neat and precious post. How blessed you are.


Barb said...

What a beautiful tribute to your husband, Jen. Geez, I wonder if you're crazy about him or something. :-)

Happy Birthday Scott!

kfk said...

I have one of those "He's the one" types too! How lucky we are!

Beth said...

Happy birthday to your everything!! He sounds like a wonderful person to spend your life with. :)

Glass Half Full said...

Very sweet! Look back on this when you have "one of those days".

Cece said...

Aw, Jen, that was beautiful. You've got a great man. Happy Birthday Jen's hubby!!

Kathleen Marie said...

Awwww...That is so super sweet! Good hubbies are such a blessing!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Beautiful!! So great to hear love for your husband.

Chappyswife said...

Very nice tribute to your wonderful husband! Happy Birthday to him!

Rona's Home Page said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes.

BD said...

I like that. Reminds me of so many things...

Sue said...

What a beautiful tribute to your husband!!

keri said...

i haven't checked in for a while...sorry!
your man sounds like a keeper, for sure!!