Friday, November 10, 2006

Girl Talk

Good Morning everyone. Come grab you a cup of coffee, tea a coke, whatever you want...lets talk. I have taken a couple of days off...trying to get some things in order here in the house with the holidays coming and all. Cleaning and Laundry is a never ending thing I think. Anyway...Miller has been sick. He is teething...drooling like a faucet and and now all congested....just my luck we will have an ear infection. He has low grade fever....but going into the weekend it will be something much more serious....I just know it. I have alot planned for the weekend....Saturday I have to go to the Chiropractor and get popped since I have carried Miller all over this house for 3 days....and Saturday night my Sunday school class is having a Progressive dinner....this is when you pick a certain amount of houses and each house a different house will have appetizers and has the main course and one has dessert and coffee. This will be alot of fun I know. Sunday we have church and then I have a 8 hour meeting for MOPS at a friends house. Scott will have the kids so say a prayer for Scott.

I have finally finalized my Christmas Meals and my cards....I'm waiting to get my Christmas stamps....and I have the kids pictures made next week. Everywhere I go there is Christmas stuff out...I love it. I made Barb's Breakfast Burritos this week...and let me tell you they are great. Really you have got to make these.

I wanted to thank all of you who stopped by and visited me on my 100th was alot of fun doing it. Can't wait for my 200th.

Next week will be very busy for me as we approach the holidays....Madison has a field trip I'm going on with her....I have a MOPS's grocery week, and somewhere in there I need to do laundry. A mother's work is never done.

It's warm here this morning which is odd for November...I'm still weaning and its not been that hard....I take away the morning feeding Monday...wish me luck.....Hopefully we will be completely done by Thanksgiving...I will miss it but know this is just another milestone in lil Miller's life. He is already drinking whole milk in a sippy cup. He's a big boy.

Today...well I need to go to Sam's and buy diapers....I need to buy some things for the Progressive Dinner...I'm making Spinach Artichoke Dip....yummy...and maybe will be at the Dr.....depending on how Miller feels. Madison has a thing at church tonight so Scott, myself and Miller will stay home and hopefully catch up on some shows.

I hope you all have a great weekend....I'm coming to visit you all.


Barb said...

Your progressive dinner sounds like a lot of fun, Jen. I'd love to do something like that.

An eight hour meeting? That's one heck of a meeting! You're in for a busy weekend.

I hope poor Miller doesn't end up with an ear infection. I hate it when little ones are in pain.

I'm glad you liked the burritos. Once you have a freezer full of them, they can quickly become habit forming. It's a chore to make a huge batch of them but I love being able to just grab some and warm them up.

You'll have to let us know how the baby does and how your weekend plays out. My agenda is pretty clear, so I'll think about you trying to get so much done when I'm sitting around here doing pretty much nothing. :-)

Dee said...

I hope Miller is well soon - it's no fun when our little ones are sick, for them or us.

I keep hearing about Barb's burritos - I am going to have to try some as soon as I can stand being back in the kitchen - LOL!

WOW - sounds like you have a busy week and weekend ahead - so I hope all goes well and you are able to accomplish all you need to. Remember to take some time for Mommy too!! :)

mom of 2 said...

Sounds like you will be seriously busy!! I hope that Miller doesn't have an ear infection! It's that time of year though that it seems like tons of illnesses are making their way around...ick!

Hope you weekend goes smoothly and everyone stays well!

Pattie said...

Why is it that kids get sick on a Friday? That always seems to happen in my house. I hope Miller is feeling better soon.

That progressive dinner sounds like so much fun! And spinach dip? One of my favorite things to eat. Have a great time!

Beth said...

Your weekend sounds SO busy!! Good luck with all that (and good luck to Scott). I hope Miller feels better and I hope the field trip with Madison is fun!

Have a good weekend! :)

Sandra said...

Your progressive dinner sounds like a lot of fun, I don't think I would have the patience to go from house to house though, then again I'm not very social LOL

Aren't Barb's burritos just the best, I have been eating them since last week and I'm not tired of them LOL

Have a wonderful weekend, hope Miller feels better soon.

Chappyswife said...

Oh, I hate that your son is sick. Don't they always get sick close to the weekend or when things are extra busy? I hope it isn't an ear infection. Have a great Friday!

Glass Half Full said...

I am running along side of you. Christmas shopping is almost complete and I plan to have our family photos taken next week too.

Progressive dinners are a blast!!!

Sorry I have been missing. Just in a funk and not on the internet much. Plus Matt was on break for parent/teacher conferences and my time was spent elsewhere.

Blessings!!! :)

Twinki said...

i love how you invite everyone to get a cup of coffee or whatever and join you. makes a person feel at home. nice. thanks for sharing! hope your weekend is great!

Tina Leigh said...

Jen sounds like things are going really good there! I checked my mail this morning...I'll respond probably on monday. That progressive dinner sounds like fun. Let us know how things go. JEN I didn't forget thursday but I'll let you slide, He!He! Still waiting to see those Halloween pics. Take care of yourself. Miller will be fine & so will Daddy! LOL!

Christina said...

I hope Miller is feeling better. Poor little boy. It's hard for the kids to be sick.

I have never tried a progressive dinner, but this sounds like a lot of fun. It would be nice not to have to make every course. I saw this once on Rachael Ray.

I am definitely going to try Barb's burritos. Everyone is saying how awesome they are.

Enjoy your 8 hour MOPS meeting. That's a long one, but I'll bet it will be fun.

Cmommy said...

LOVE the line on your header!

I'm a past MOPS mom and publicity chairperson. I miss it.

Tell more about the progressive dinner--we are having one for our small group and I'd appreciate any tips! Chrissy (singalullaby.typepad)