Thursday, October 18, 2012

Slowing down

The colors outside are absolutely beautiful!
Today I ran errands from 8:30 this morning after I dropped Miller off at school until 4:30 when I stopped to cook dinner and keep going. Life seems to be going faster than usual. I go all day long. I'm compiling a cleaning list for this weekend to start on this house for the holidays. It seems as if we just go thru the motions...ships passing in the night. We eat in shifts. Sundays are what I look forward to. Family dinner time.

This weekend.....we are going to work on a farm project for Miller. Carve/Paint Pumpkins. Clean the outside and inside of the house/ get Halloween Costumes bought. Work on menus for the holidays. Order some Christmas Presents.

Busy weekends...Busy Weeks....I try and remember to slow down. In this day and time its so hard too. Maybe I will get a nap in this weekend. I hope so at least.

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Karen said...

Ahh, life sounds so good for you, Jen. You're right, it does go soooo fast! But you sound like you are relishing the moments as much as you can. Good for you!