Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vacation Time

What a crazy couple of  weeks.  We have had ballgames and soccer games left and right. Meetings at school, picture day, baby showers (4 of them!), nail appointments, hair appointments, a Girls Night out, Homecoming tomorrow night, a birthday party, a shopping trip, bible study, concession stand duty, a meeting for a youth mission trip to Romania, carpooling and dog sitting. YES.....I'm ready for a vacation. We leave next week and I cannot wait to get my toes in the sand and sit and stare off to no where. I cant wait to eat out and shop and watch my girl parasail for the first time. I cant wait to walk the beach with my love and to watch Miller jump into a pool 5,459 times. I cant wait to drink little umbrella drinks and watch the sunset  every single night. I cannot wait to sleep past 8am. Eat dinner when we want...smell the ocean breeze...sit on the balcony and look for dolphins....not worry with make up much...wear pony tails on the sandcastles...go see where we once lived and what it looks like at Corums for breakfast and order Heavenly Hash....the best breakfast thing out there but the worse possible thing to eat! I just cannot wait for vacation! I even enjoy the ride down there. I'm so ready to rest and enjoy the family and make awesome memories!


beth baker said...

Have a wonderful time creating memories with your family, love you!

Christina said...

I can see you are still one busy lady. Have a great vacation and can't wait to hear all about it.

Karen said...

This sounds wonderful. I hope you are basking in the sun, umbrella drink in hand, right now.