Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Last days of summer

Today is gonna be so hot around here. My husband works outside and I worry about him alot when it gets this hot.

This week Madison goes back to school. Seems like I just said we are out of school. Makes me sad. But the school supply's are bought the new outfits are bought...so I guess we are ready.
She has cheer practice the first day! So she will be worn out once its over.

Today she is getting her hair highlighted and I have some errands to run. In between running her everywhere I need to make a list of cleaning some of the house. My hard wood floors need attention!

Tomorrow will be laying in the pool and enjoying each other. Once school starts those days are done. She is happy with her teachers and team she is on. I pray this will be a better school year for her. Last year was tough. A learning exp. This year I hope and pray she finds who she is...who her friends really are and not worry about the small stuff...that is my prayer for her.

I'm still doing my Jillian Michaels Making the cut work out...today is day 9. I've lost 3 1/2 pounds...working my butt off. It's not easy!

Have a great day!


Trailboss said...

Oh the teen years. They are so rough. Much more so than when we were that age. At least I think so. Stephanie had lots of problems with people 'talking' about her. She is one of those kids that never wants to hurt anyone else's feelings but is always having hers stomped on. She is still learning and doing her best to cope with it. Thank goodness she is out of high school now. Goodness it was rough! Good luck to Madison. I hope she holds her head high and learns a lot. Kids can be (and are) so cruel.

Karen said...

I'm hoping for a better year for Emily, too. So much drama last year. It's typical of girls and the age -- to a point. I agree with TB, I think it's gotten worse than when we were in school. Let's say a prayer for both our girls, that they'll be strong and independent and grow into Godly women!