Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just another day in paradise!

So....I havent blogged much this week. It got crazy. Here is what has happened.

*Saturday the air unit went we had to get it replaced. It's cool again. I did a happy dance. We moved in with my parents over the weekend due to our home was at 90 degrees. It was the hottest weekend we have had this year...good times I tell ya!

* Scott was in a golf tournament all weekend so we did cocktail parties and dinners...and it was difficult to get ready at moms and rearrange life to get there.

* Madison was introduced Saturday afternoon in 100 degree weather as a 7th grade could see the happiness glowing off her momma. I'm so proud of her. They cheered their first game Tuesday night and they did an awesome job.

* I have cooked for two families this week amongst all the havoc. Why you ask? Because that is what I do. I have some friends in between homes and stress of life so she picked up her meal last night..another friend who's husband is very sick....enough said...they need food. If I can cook for people so they dont have to think about it...I'm on it. I love it.

*Had some pool days with some friends and Miller. This has been the relaxing part of the week. Laying by the pool while the kids play. NICE.

* Today..............a day to myself...what am I doing? Got some phone calls to make in peace. Run a few little errands, and lunch with some amazing gal know the ones that laugh with you and enjoy you??? Then I'm heading clean the house a little and start planning a great little gig at our home. I will tell you more about it will be so much fun.

Fall is coming up, football games, hayrides, little gal pal trips, I cant wait. Life is looking great. I love my family, I love my God, I love my friends.
I hope you all have a great Thursday!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

You have been busy girl! I am so glad your air is fixed! I didn't have air until this week and I live in a second floor apartment. I absolutely could not cook - we would drip sweat constantly. It was awful.

But now! I am cool :)

You are such a good and thoughtful friend, Jen. I am sure your friends are very grateful to have you in there lives.


Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your air, but that doesn't seem to hold you back. You always have so much to do. You are such a great friend to cook for the people who need you to. I hope these families are okay. I will pray for them.

Sandra said...

Oh you've been super busy too....I haven't done much blogging either.

Hope you have a great weekend Jen :)