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Happy Presidents Day

The Weather here.....has been really cold. It dipped down to 13 last week. No snow still. One day its 20 the next its 60. I'm ready for summer. Or at least some sunshine.
How I'm feeling this morning....pretty good. The house is in order, ready for the week. I have had some indigestion issues, but its working itself out without medicine. 
On my mind....getting the week started. I have some appointments, work, practices, school. Almost done remodeling the family room. Re did a wall in my kitchen with new decor too. I need to get serious about buying a new car. 
On the Breakfast plate....I'm still fasting. for the boys this week...cinnamon toast, bacon\egg\cheese bagels, bacon and waffles, fruit on hand...mandarin oranges, grapes and bananas 
On my reading Hoda book. I listen to alot of podcasts. Jenny Allen has a great one 
On my T.V......watching Downton Abby trying to get into it more. Grey's Anatomy, The Real Housewives, A million little things, Below Deck…

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